Study Programs

The degree programs at the department of Book and Reading Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz prepare students for relevant careers in the publishing and bookselling industries as well as for careers in media and in cultural institutions. The courses are taught by experts in theory and practice. The bachelor's degree is an entry into the field of work, the master's degree qualifies you to take on more demanding tasks, and the PhD opens the way to science and academia.

The courses provide knowledge of current and historical research questions in book studies, of the structures of the book trade and book market, and examine the intellectual and economic processes that affect the cultural and economic asset that is the book. The course of study includes theory and history, scientific methodology, but also excursions to book fairs for example, discussions with professionals from the world of books, media, and the cultural sector, internships, and work on the design of books in the institute's own teaching print shop and digital desktop publishing.