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Department of Book and Reading Studies

The Department of Book and Reading Studies also researches the books of this world beyond the borders of Europe. The invention of movable-type printing in 15th century Korea or the licensing trade of globally operating publishing groups are among the subjects in research and teaching, as are the readers on social platforms worldwide or the illustrations in globally shared and traded children's books. The teaching print shop and the publishers' archive are part of Book and Reading studies.

Training Print Shop

Courses in manual typesetting with lead types are offered in the institute's own training print shop.
More information about the teaching print shop.

PD Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Reske

Deliveries: Georg-Forster-Building, Jakob-Welder-Weg 12: Letterpress,
Tel. 06131-39 25258

DTP Studio

In the DTP studio, students use ten current Apple Mac computers to gain insight into current practices in publishing houses and agencies and can be trained the practical implementation of typographic designs.

Dr. Dipl.-Designer Albert Ernst

P 107 (Building 1141), Tel. 06131-3923910

Mainz Publishers' Archive

In the archive, the influence of significant publishing houses that shaped the social and political reality of Germany since the second half of the twentieth century can be explored (Rowohlt, Rotbuch, Europäische Verlagsanstalt, Syndikat, and others). Case studies can be used to present and teach about production and design, editing and licensing departments.
Accordingly, the documents kept are very diverse: author-publisher correspondence, manuscripts, cover drafts, promotional materials, etc. Students work with the archive materials both in courses and for their theses, researchers from Germany and abroad are also welcome to visit the archive.

More information on the page of Mainzer Verlagsarchiv

Departmental Library of Book and Reading Studies

The Library of Book and Reading Studies (Philosophicum, 3rd floor, room 03-836) is part of the
Departmental Library Philosophicum.

Department AVL – General and Comparative Literature Studies

Comparative literature is the science of the internationality of literature and of the relationships between literature and other art forms and media. Literature can help us understand our world and broaden our horizons, it never stops at national borders. Long before there was any mention of networking and globalization, texts have travelled from nation to nation, from continent to continent: translations and the international transmission of myths, stories, motifs, themes or literary forms show that literature has always, but especially in today's digitalized world, been created in a permanent exchange between language areas and cultures.

The study of Comparative Literature offers the unique opportunity to perceive, explore and understand literature in its international as well as art and media transcending contexts. Through the broad horizon of the subject, which teaches diverse cultural techniques, a wide range of career-related skills are acquired. In particular, comparatists recognize connections where others see disjunction.

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