Bachelor students:
At least 2 completed semesters in BA Book Studies (core or minor) prior to beginning the fellowship.

Master students:
At least 2 semesters of study in the Master's program in Book Studies before starting the scholarship.

Language skills: At least the required language skills in the language of instruction of the partner university (information about this is listed at the respective partner university). Basic knowledge of the local language is desirable. You do not need a language certificate at the time of application, but it should usually be available for enrollment at the partner university (usually in April/May).

Selection Procedure

The allocation of places will be decided on the basis of the submitted application documents. The following selection criteria are decisive:

  • the academic qualification (grade point average, grades in individual relevant courses),
  • the motivation for an ERASMUS stay abroad at the desired partner university,
  • language skills in the local language and/or language of instruction,
  • other qualifications (internships, experience abroad, etc.).

The following documents must be submitted with an application:

  • Personal cover letter or letter of motivation (max. 1000 words)
  • Tabular curriculum vitae
  • Copy of the official transcript of records (certified by the study office).
    If you have already completed your Bachelor's degree, please enclose a copy of your Bachelor's transcript. Applicants in the first semester of the Master's program who do not yet have a Bachelor's transcript should submit an official grade account statement from their Bachelor's program (copy).
  • Baccalaureate certificate
  • Language certificates (ISSK, other language courses, etc.)

Officially certified copies are generally not required for the application. Please send your documents to Mr. Christ in a classic application folder (loose-leaf collection). You can submit them directly to the office 03-506 or to the secretary's office or send them by postal mail.

Application Deadlines

The application for an ERASMUS scholarship takes place only once a year, usually at the end of November. Then the application deadline for a study abroad program ends in the following academic year (August to July). After the application deadline, there is usually a succesion procedure for Erasmus places that have not been awarded or have not been taken up (January).

The exact application deadlines will be announced in time on our homepage and via the mailing list.

Places are usually allocated by the end of December. In case of a rejection, you can apply for remaining places in the succesion procedure.

Students who have received an acceptance will be informed by e-mail about the further procedure.